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5 Health Risks of Overusing Your AC

5 Health Risks of Overusing Your AC

  A cool, air-conditioned home is the perfect retreat from the relentless summer sun. But, did you know that overusing your AC has serious health consequences? The Action Air team is here to make you aware of the risks of overdependence on AC this summer. 1. Indoor Air Pollution When the perfect storm of improper…

Beat the Heat Checklist

While we’ve been lucky to have a mild start to an Indiana summer, the hot temperatures of July are just around the corner. Of course, we hope you’ve scheduled a service call for your air conditioning system before the peak of the season, as nothing beats regular maintenance to ensure a cool home during the…

Environmental TLC

It’s not hard to see the value in being sensitive to the environment. Take air pollution in particular. The smog-like substances that spread out into our communities can find their way into our lungs, affecting our health. Some of this air pollution comes from the fossil fuels that are burned to generate the electricity that…