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Weatherproofing Your Home for Spring

Weatherproofing Your Home for Spring

  Now that we have survived the unpredictable winter months, Spring is around the corner and ready to dish out its own surprises. Don’t let your home become easy prey to extreme Spring weather. Instead, follow these tips for weatherproofing your home for spring from the knowledgeable team at Action Air!  Weatherproof Your Windows  …

Preparing Your HVAC System for the Fall Season

Can you believe the first day of fall is just around the corner? The autumnal equinox (September 22) marks the official beginning of autumn. Before you know it, winter will be here. With the kids back in school and the weather cooling down, let’s take a moment to plan out our fall home maintenance tasks….

5 Things to Know About Your HVAC System

How well do you know your HVAC system? Every Indianapolis homeowner should learn a few essential pieces of information. Doing so helps prepare you for properly maintaining and prolonging your HVAC system. And while we don’t expect you to memorize the serial number or anything overwhelmingly tedious, there are certain aspects you should be familiar…

Storm HVAC Protection

How well can your HVAC system handle a severe storm? While the question may seem a bit odd, storms can actually affect your HVAC system. Hail and strong winds can damage outdoor coils, while lightning can cause power surges. Without ample protection, these problems can disrupt your heating and cooling! With Indianapolis currently in spring,…

How to Clean Your Vents (Spring Cleaning)

Spring cleaning isn’t just for making your house look nicer. In fact, cleaning certain parts of your home gives a boost to both health and energy efficiency. This pertains specifically to cleaning your vents. Cleaning your vents removes build-up that can prevent adequate airflow, as well as stopping pollution affecting indoor air quality. Not sure…