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5 Health Risks of Overusing Your AC

  A cool, air-conditioned home is the perfect retreat from the relentless summer sun. But, did you know that overusing your AC has serious health consequences? The Action Air team is here to make you aware of the risks of overdependence on AC this summer. 1. Indoor Air Pollution When the perfect storm of improper…

4 Steps to DIY Heat Pump Maintenance

4 Steps to DIY Heat Pump Maintenance

  In Central Indiana, autumn quickly slips toward winter – toward fridge temperatures and an onslaught of snow and ice. With highs this week already in the low 50s, now is a good time to remember the 4 DIY steps to heat pump maintenance. Tasked with keeping you both warm and cool, the heat pump…

Is Your Home Trying to Tell You Something?

Sometimes you can hear little noises that tell you your home has a concern to address. You know, something like the drip, drip, drip of a faucet that says “fix me.” Or the sound of wind that’s coming through a crack that should be patched. Spring is a good time to walk through your home…