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4 Reasons to Get Your Ducts Cleaned this Summer

Reasons to Get Your Ducts Cleaned


Summer is here, and the inner-workings of your HVAC system are probably the last things on your mind. You’ve got to think about safe ways to have fun in the sun with the kids, taking both sunscreen and face masks into account. However, as the temperature rises and rises, your AC is likely a top priority for you. The best way to keep your AC in tip-top shape is to do maintenance behind the scenes, in the parts that aren’t immediately apparent in your home. Here are 4 reasons to get your ducts cleaned this summer.

4 Reasons to Get Your Ducts Cleaned


1.    Help Your AC Help You


Your AC unit can run much more efficiently if you take care of it. With so many moving parts in your HVAC system, however, the task can seem daunting. Just focus on one part for now: your ductwork.


Cleaning your ductwork removes blockages in what could otherwise be known as the “tunnels” in your AC unit, the pathways through which air gets to each of your rooms. Dust bunnies, pests, and other debris can build up in the ducts over time, so having them cleaned streamlines your cool air to you and your loved ones.


2.    Cut Back on Spending


Helping your AC run more efficiently can also save you money on your energy bill. If your AC doesn’t have to strain to cool your home, then it naturally won’t use as much electricity. Cleaning your ducts can take a load off of your HVAC system’s shoulders, so it can take the burden of high electric bills off of yours.


3.    Reduce Stuffiness


To keep your house cool in the summer, you want to make sure everything is air-tight: Keep the doors and windows closed, keep the shades drawn, eliminate air leaks. This helps your AC run more efficiently, but it also makes for a stuffy home.


You can improve your indoor air quality by cleaning your ducts. Instead of blowing imperceptible specks of debris and dust throughout your home, your AC, through your ducts, can instead funnel cool, clean air to each room.


4.    Bonus Pest Control


Something else that might be clogging up your ductwork are pests. Insects, spiders, and rodents will sneak into your home in the winter time, seeking solace from the cold. Then in the summer, they become rejuvenated and crawl out into the open, leaving you chasing after them with a shoe in one hand and scratching your head with other, wondering where they’re coming from.


This is the answer you’ve been looking for: They’re coming from your dirty ducts. Cleaning your ducts has an added bonus of pest control. Any pests residing in the AC tunnels will be removed.


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