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4 Signs You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

4 Signs You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your ductwork is vital to your HVAC system because it keeps air flowing throughout your home. The air you breathe often circulates through your house’s ducts, which is why it is important that they are well-maintained and clean. Unclean air ducts can lead to an increase in allergens, pollutants and toxins accumulating inside your home. There are some obvious indications of air ducts that need cleaning. To help you find them, the team at Action Air has prepared a useful list of signs you should have your air ducts cleaned!

  1. Sudden Increase in Allergies

Indoor allergies are far more common than you might think. Millions of people suffer from indoor allergies caused by dust mites, cockroach droppings, mold and animal dander. Symptoms of indoor allergies include sneezing, stuffiness, runny nose or itchiness in your throat and nose. If you see a sudden spike in allergies or allergy symptoms, you might need to look at your air ducts to ensure excess dust, dander or mold haven’t accumulated inside them. If these allergens are present inside your ducts, they could be worsening the indoor air quality as well as the air flow in your home.

  1. Your Air Filter is Clogged

As responsible HVAC technicians, we constantly advise homeowners to change their air filters. It’s a small component of your HVAC system but it can make a big difference. Your air filter protects your air conditioner as well as your ductwork from coming into contact with dust and dander. Excess dirt buildup in your air conditioner can reduce efficiency, increase heating and cooling bills and even cause your AC’s evaporator coil to freeze up.

If you have not changed your air filter in a long time (you should change it every month or two), the filter might have become clogged as a result of dust buildup. This might have decreased its performance, leading to particles making their way into your air ducts.

  1. Dusty Registers and Vents

If you notice dusty registers and vents, the best course of action is to immediately clean them. Turn off the thermostat and remove the grill covering the vent. You can either vacuum the dust using a brush attachment or you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean around the grill. If you notice that the registers and vents have become dusty soon after you’re done cleaning, you might have a dirty duct issue. The dust showing up on the registers is coming from inside the ductwork.

  1. Inconsistent Air Flow

Say you notice a difference in air flow throughout your home. Your bedroom is boiling while your living room is particularly drafty. There is a chance you might be dealing with dirty ducts. However, before you make that assumption, make sure all your vents and registers are clean and don’t have any heavy pieces of furniture blocking them. Open all the doors in your home to ensure air is flowing properly from one room to another. In addition, replace or clean your air filter. If you still notice this difference in air flow, you might be dealing with dirty ducts.


Clean Your Ducts with Action Air!

Now that you know the signs of dirty air ducts, it’s time to start cleaning! While you might be inclined to handle ductwork maintenance and cleaning yourself, you should reconsider. Your ductwork is often located in hard-to-access places and trying to reach it can be difficult and often dangerous. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional from Action Air come inspect your air ducts! Our technicians will ensure your ductwork is clean and dust-free in no time. To get in touch, call us today at 317-451-4371 or schedule an appointment online!