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4 Ways Your HVAC System Fights Spring Allergies

HVAC System Fights Spring Allergies


If you’re doing your part for your HVAC system, it can protect you and your family from the discomfort of spring allergies. If you’re not doing your part, your HVAC system can quickly become a Trojan horse for allergens, sneaking them into your home and empowering them to attack. Here are 4 ways your HVAC system fights spring allergies – if you’re taking care of it.


1.    Central Air Circulation


Allergens don’t come from the indoors. Any allergies that are inside your home came from the outside. When you have a central air system, it circulates indoor air, exclusively, around your home, so you don’t have to rely on the occasional breeze to pass through your windows.


If you’re taking off your shoes when you enter your home and regularly disinfect your surfaces, then spring allergens won’t circulate and impede upon your comfort.


2.    Air Filter


Of course, cleaning up can only do so much to prevent allergens from getting cozy in your home and respiratory system. Some pollen or dander will inevitably find a way to get inside. At this stage, your air filter serves as a mote. It stops the allergens short, as they try to charge into your central air system.


Or at least, that’s what your air filter should be able to do for you. If you’re not regularly changing out your air filter, however, then you’re turning your mote into a bridge to your indoor air circulation.


3.    Air Vents & Ductwork


You may have noticed that when you turn on your ceiling fan, it tends to kick up dust, but the same isn’t true for your central air system. What’s that about?


Well, besides the dust that tends to accumulate on your fan blades, there’s a direct link to a fan-created breeze and the room you’re trying to cool. Conversely, your central air system has a series of channels that the air has to pass through before it can get to each room. Your ductwork is also keeping pollen and other allergens from directly coming into contact with you.


But in the same way your air filter can go from your protector to your betrayer, so too can your ductwork eventually become a funnel for pollen. Let your air vents and ductwork do its job by regularly having it cleaning by a licensed HVAC professional.


4.    UV Air Purifier


This is a part of an HVAC system that you may not be able to enjoy yet, if it’s not installed already: It’s a UV air purifier. Unlike stand-alone air purifiers you can buy at the store, a UV air purifier works as part of your air vent and duct system, purifying the central air before it circulates through each room.


Not only do UV air purifiers stop spring allergens in their tracks, but they can also kill bacteria and germs, keeping you and your family healthier from season to season.


If you need HVAC maintenance services or you would like to have a UV air purifier installed, call Action Air today!