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7 Home Improvement Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ahh, yes … it’s that time of year when loved ones everywhere scratch their heads and wonder, “What can I get my love for Valentine’s Day that isn’t the same old ho-hum gift?”

If you’re trying to think outside the box, we’ve got some great gift ideas that enhance your home. Because after all, isn’t that where the heart is? Take a look at these awesome home improvement gift ideas for your honey.

Outdoor Lighting. Whether it’s strategically placed, high-end string lights, or romantic mood lighting along a pathway or special seating area, a little outdoor ambiance will keep setting the mood all year long.

Rose bush. Sure, a dozen roses are wonderful, but it doesn’t take long for them to wilt and die. Why not give your sweetheart a rose bush, which can be planted in early spring once the weather begins to warm up? Not only will you be able to enjoy the blooms longer, the growing bush will serve as a symbol of your love for years to come.

Updated kitchenware. Okay, hear us out. A new set of dishes, stemware or utensils might not sound romantic at first, but think about how wonderful it’d be to enjoy them with a surprise romantic meal, candles and wine. Not a bad way to spruce up a kitchen!

Clean air. Show how much you care about your special someone’s health with an air duct inspection and cleaning. It might not sound like an obvious choice, but you’ll be giving the gift of a healthy living environment. Celebrate with a nice bottle of champagne and a toast to your family home.

Home décor shopping spree. Have you been staring at a blank wall for months, trying to figure out just what to do with it? Or have new pillows or an area rug been on your wish list for years? Invite your sweetie to a shopping night, complete with dinner and an adventure in your favorite home décor store. You don’t have to blow the bank; you just need to have fun and take home something you both love.

A burning fire. Many homeowners have perfectly good fireplaces just sitting there, waiting to be used. The neglect is often due to fears that the chimney isn’t clean or safe. Invest in a chimney sweep, and ensure that your fireplace is clean and in proper working order. Buy those logs or propane tanks, and start it up! There’s nothing like a warm fire coupled with pillows, hors d-oeuvres and your favorite beverage to create some sparks of your own.

Finished projects. Most of us have a room or area in the home just waiting to be painted, or a broken faucet that needs to be replaced. Offer up your time and labor in the form of a printed gift certificate, good for several home improvement projects that need to be done. Wrap them up in a box and present them with chocolates or other meaningful gifts. And then – and here’s the important part – follow through!

While we can’t help you with shopping or painting, we can help you with your home air quality. Give Action Air a call – we’ll do the work, and all you have to do is make that toast to a healthy home.