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Action Air Now Offers Duct Cleaning Services

Action Air HVAC Service TrucksThe recent addition of Air Duct Cleaning to our line of services that we offer clients is now in full swing. Our very own Joshua has several years of experience cleaning air ducts in his work history, and has been encouraging us to make this service available to our clients as well. We have done just that, and Josh has been  busy cleaning the air ducts for many of our existing clients that have taken us up on our introductory offer.

Cleaning the air ducts is especially important for homeowners that have been doing any sort of home renovation, as well as homes with pets, smokers or inhabitants with allergies. Cleaning the entire duct system is a process that should take several hours if done properly. A high powered vacuum system is used, along with a series of brushes that rotate around the inside of each run of the ductwork removing the dirt and debris that have accumulated. Then a light sanitizer may be applied to the inside of the ductwork.  BEWARE of companies that offer the “$49 Special” duct cleaning. These companies are notorious for scamming clients out of thousands of dollars and doing very little, if any real duct cleaning.

While cleaning the ductwork is a great first step, keeping your filters changed regularly or even adding a high efficiency media filter and ultraviolet air purifier to your homes ventilation system will keep the air you breathe cleaner and fresher year round.