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Do you offer duct cleaning?


Yes, we do. With our duct cleanings, we’d have to go throughout your house. We remove off your runs and we clean out every one of your registers. Majority of registers are six-inch drums, so we feed a brush through there. That brush will go around the surface of the runs, break everything loose, add some chlorine, and vacuum. So it happens through all of the runs in your house, returns and supplies.  Once we do all of the returns and supplies, that’s where we’ll start at your furnace, where we cut loose on your duct work with your silver thing and up. We run the brush throughout your trunk line, and we’ll clean out that trunk line as well.

As soon as that, there, is done, that’s when we do what we call sanitize, and with a fog machine, we feed chemicals throughout your duct work, so if you have any kind of odors, bacterial growth, or anything such like that, it will help remove all of that stuff.