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Dryer vent fire hazards can be prevented

By now you may already know that we offer duct cleaning to our Indianapolis area and Anderson area clients, but dryer vent cleaning can also be added while we are at the home for the duct cleaning. Often clients don’t think about the dangers of having a dryer vent that becomes clogged, but this is how many house fires start.  Looks like our very own Josh made quite an impression on a Fishers family recently…

Customer’s Name: Jerrell
Service Specialist: Josh H.

Josh HCustomer Comments: “Josh came out to do a dryer vent cleaning. The design of our dryer vent was challenging to say the least. Josh spent roughly 2 1/2 hours working on getting to the nearly impossible middle portion of that dryer vent (went from the inside, the outside, different hoses and scrubbers – even got out the little cable camera to show me where the problem was. Basically, the biggest blockage you can imagine jammed into our dryer vent – a fire and mold hazard all in one. In the end, he was able to get it out. I literally cheered when he showed me the air flow coming out of my dryer vent. Thought I was going to have to reroute the whole thing and have a major job. 100% approval – thanks again Josh!”