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How Duct Cleaning Helps IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

The importance of maintaining a healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) should always be a priority for Indianapolis homeowners. Poor air quality can exacerbate allergies, cause illness and compromise your comfort and safety. But some homeowners are not proactive in finding the right solution. Instead, they try to handle the problem chemically. But there’s a big difference between attempting to improve poor IAQ and simply masking the problem. Although spraying an air freshener might be the common approach to “cleaning” the air, synthetic sprays and wax melts actually pollute the air with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Healthy air doesn’t have an odor; a home’s interior should not have a distinctive smell at all.

There are many causes for an unhealthy IAQ, but one of the major contributors is a dirty duct system. Having clean and functional ducts is essential for healthy indoor air. While ducts are not always the culprit, if you feel your air is compromising your family’s health, you should have them assessed by a professional. Exactly how does duct cleaning help IAQ? To answer this question, the experts at Action Air have compiled a list of the benefits from a professional cleaning.

Decrease of Pollutants in the Air

  • Ducts are a known location for bacteria, dust, and mold to proliferate.
  • Heating and air conditioning cycles push the particles throughout your home.
  • Breathing polluted air comes with several health risks such as irritated skin, watery eyes, dry throat, and other symptoms.

Foul Odors are Removed

  • Much like your HVAC system can circulate polluted air, it can also distribute foul odors.
  • Dust, mildew and mold in side ducts can contribute to strong odors that can overwhelm a home.
  • Cleaning your ducts removes these odors from your home; allowing you to take that clothespin off your nose.

Airflow is Cleared

  • Build-ups from dust and rodent detritus can compromise airflow.
  • A blocked airflow will make your HVAC system work harder, using more energy in addition to polluting the air.
  • Inadequate airflow from ducts can also hurt the furnace and air conditioning units.
  • Once the airflow is cleared, your central air units will be able to perform at maximum efficiency – and cycle clean air.

Severe Problems are Identified

  • When duct cleaning is performed, you are also notified of any other problems present in your ducts.
  • In some cases, contaminants are not the only problem; insects and rodents can sometimes find a home within your ducts, polluting them with waste and detritus.
  • Duct cleaning can also reveal cracked seals, tears and other problems.
  • These and other issues are often identified after a thorough duct cleaning, sometimes saving the homeowner thousands in future repairs.

Duct cleaning plays an important role in improving IAQ, and its benefits exceed cleaner, healthier air. If you are ready to schedule duct cleaning from professionals you can trust, contact Action Air today! Every Indianapolis homeowner deserves a healthy IAQ, and our affordable duct cleaning services can help. Give us a call at 317-451-4371 to schedule an appointment and meet the trusted duct cleaning experts.