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Facts about the Growing Indoor Air Quality Problems in the US

Facts about the Growing Indoor Air Quality Problems in the US:

  • Indoor Air Quality can be up to 12 times more polluted that the worst outdoor air (US EPA)
  • Over 50% of all illnesses can be related to poor air quality (AmericanCollege of Allergists)
  • Asthma effects 18 Million Americans, and it’s most harmful for children and the elderly
  • Headaches, random sneezing, and watery eyes can all be symptoms of poor IAQ
  • Humidity gives us a feeling of comfort that is often independent from temperature – this means you do not have to adjust your thermostat as low or high to “feel” comfortable
  • Furniture, antiques, paintings, and other wood can warp, crack and be ruined with too little or too much humidity
  • Nearly 200 American die from Carbon Monoxide in their homes. Absolutely invisible, but easily and quickly spotted with testing. (We have the test equipment for this too.)
  • Pet dander, smoke, ‘off-gassing’ and other pollutants can be spewed from your indoor air ducts up to 6 times per hour
  • Over 50% of the homes we see every day have insufficient filtration systems, allowing particles to spew into the home
  • Most duct systems in the US have never been cleaned, resulting in illness, missed work, and a lower quality of life… all due to the air we breathe.

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