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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Home Improvement Gifts for Dad

home improvement gifts for dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you may be scrambling to find the perfect gift for dad. Fortunately, the experts at Action Air are here to help you! Father’s Day is about honoring our dads, and what better way to celebrate than by buying them some much needed home improvement gifts! Not only will these gifts show dad some much needed appreciation – they can also help improve the quality of his home.

If you’re in need of some Father’s Day gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Below are 5 home improvement gifts for dad, provided by the experts at Action Air.

Mow Dad’s Lawn

There’s nothing better than freshly cut grass. Treat your dad for Father’s Day by mowing the grass and giving his home’s lawn a fresh new look. And if your dad prefers to mow the lawn himself, you can instead choose to trim some of the shrubbery and other vegetation. You can also give dad a hand if he plans on pursuing a bigger project with his lawn, such as cutting down a tree or planting a garden.

Repaint Dad’s Fence

Repainting the fence tends to be one of those “I’ll get around to it eventually” projects. But you can help bring this project to the forefront for dad by doing it yourself! A new fence paint job is always welcome, especially if dad’s fence hasn’t seen new paint in several years. But be sure your dad approves of a paint color before you get started. You don’t want to paint his fence a color he doesn’t like!

Buy Dad Some New Tools

While your dad may not be willing to give up his trusty screwdriver, there might be some tools of his that could use a replacement. Several tools, especially those made with wood, tend to deteriorate after several years of extensive use. So, use this time to see which of dad’s tools could use a replacement. And although dads can be old-fashioned, you can also try upgrading dad’s toolset with more modern variants.

Perform DIY Maintenance on Dad’s HVAC System

Improving dad’s HVAC system can be a great gift for Father’s Day. Not only will this help to improve and maintain some aspects of his air conditioning – it may also help him save money on his energy bill. Follow these DIY HVAC maintenance tips below:

If you happen to notice any issues with his HVAC system during this process, such as damaged outdoor units, contact Action Air to have a professional diagnose the situation.

Gift Dad with Professional Duct Cleaning

While professional duct cleaning may seem like an uncommon gift at first, this service possesses many benefits that help to improve dad’s energy efficiency, IAQ (indoor air quality), and overall comfort.

Ducts play an important role when it comes to your HVAC system. They carry conditioned air throughout your home, as well as redistribute air back into your HVAC system.  Eventually, they can receive large build-ups and clumps of dirt, debris, dust, and even moisture. This burdens HVAC performance, as well as reduces IAQ. By scheduling professional duct cleaning services with Action Air, you’re helping dad to maintain energy efficiency by having adequate duct airflow, as well as removing contaminants that could hurt his IAQ.

Celebrate Father’s Day with these 5 home improvement gifts for dad! And contact Action Air for quality duct cleaning services. Give us a call at 317-451-4371 to speak with the leading HVAC experts in Indianapolis.

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