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$11.95 for a furnace tune up? Are you serious??

We all know a company can’t stay in business very long by giving away their services for next to nothing, and $11.95 for a furnace tune-up is next to nothing, especially when the competition is charging anywhere from $49-$149 for their furnace tune-ups. But we have a different take on things, and if you will keep reading for a moment we will spell it out…

We have an awesome maintenance program; we call it our Service Club. The cost to join our Club is only $11.95 per month…that works out to $143.40 per year. We want you to give us a try for just one month. We will come to your home, sign you up on the Club and give your furnace the best tune-up it’s ever had. If you don’t love us, we will cancel your Club and never bill you again, no questions asked. If you do love us (or even like us!), then we will have the beginning of a beautiful friendship for years to come. You see, in addition to the furnace tune-up you also get an air conditioner tune-up during the cooling season, you get to move to the front of the line on our service schedule if you have a breakdown and need a repair done quickly, and you get a 20% discount on service calls, repair parts, filters and such. Now that’s quite a lot for only $11.95 per month, and you are under no obligation to continue if you ever become unhappy with our service.

Our logic is this…we don’t just want to be the company that drops in to give you a furnace tune-up, never to be seen again. We want to be YOUR heating and air conditioning company for as long as you will have us. We want to be the first company you think of calling if your furnace breaks down on a cold winter night, the first company you think of calling if you need a new water heater, and the first company you think of calling when the time comes that you need to replace your old furnace or air conditioner. We want to be partners with you in the comfort and safety of your family. We want a place of honor on your refrigerator for our magnet!

We are so sure that you will really like our clean cut professional technicians, our pleasant and efficient office staff, and our superb customer service that you will be calling us for all of your future needs. Not only that, but it is our hope that once you give us a try you will want to refer us to your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors. That’s how we grow our business…one happy client at a time. Still skeptical about calling? We encourage you to see what others are saying about us by reading our reviews online and on Angie’s List.