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Action Air Heating and Air Conditioning receives questions every day from their clients all over central Indiana. Below is a sampling of some questions sent to us from Fishers, Geist, Anderson and Indianapolis.

First, start with a tune up of the system to make sure it is operating at peak efficiency. Then, consider installing a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust the homes temperature to keep it a little cooler when you are sleeping or away during the day. Also be sure to check the insulation in the attic since heat rises and can be lost through un-insulated attic space.

The cold Indiana winters can really dry out the home and make those living there uncomfortable.  We recommend adding humidity to the home with a whole house humidifier. This will keep nasal passages from drying out, stop static shock, and will help the wood furnishings in the home last longer. Adding humidity will also help the home feel warmer as moist air is warmer than dry air.

This depends a lot on the type of filter you have as some are even washable, but all filters should be checked monthly. To help alleviate allergy symptoms we recommend a high efficiency filter along with an ultra violet air purifier.

We are happy to provide you with a Home Comfort Analysis to make sure the equipment in the home is properly sized. This analysis will take into account the size of the home, as well as windows, high ceilings, insulation and other factors that have an effect on keeping the home comfortable,  and allow us to design the perfect system for your home.

Not at all, we actually recommend this, as well as keeping the furnace fan set to the “on” position to keep the air in the home circulating constantly.

Since the government phase out of r22 refrigerant in 2009, the cost to replace an air conditioner can vary greatly depending on the size of the unit, the efficiency of the unit and whether or not the new unit will be compatible to any of the existing equipment. The only way to get an accurate price is to have a free in home estimate by our comfort advisor.

We sure do, our General Manager Gary Sylvester and many of our technicians live in and around the Anderson area. We are happy to serve clients in Anderson.

Cottonwood trees pose a huge problem for outdoor units during certain times of the year. We have actually seen units completely plugged just a week after we clean them! The best and easiest way is to shut the unit off, and simply use a garden hose to spray through the unit. Keeping it free of cottonwoods will help it run more efficiently with less wear and tear on the system.

If you have a question about heating or cooling your home, please contact us.