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3 Ways Spring Cleaning Brings Summer Savings

Ways Spring Cleaning Brings Summer Savings


Spring cleaning usually refers to an intensive survey of your home, picking up each item, determining if each one is worth keeping, and then dusting it and returning it to a more accessible place, if so. A place that people often forget to look at is their HVAC unit, but that’s a mistake. It needs just as much care as the rest of your home—perhaps even more so, as a dirty HVAC unit can quickly become a broken one. Here are 3 ways spring cleaning brings summer savings.


1.    Spring Cleaning Makes Your HVAC More Efficient


Your HVAC unit is outside, experiencing all the elements—plus the bird poop, the dead leaves, and everything in between. Compare how well you take care of your car to how well you attend to your HVAC unit. You probably wash your car about once or twice a month, but you likely never think of your HVAC unit at all. That’s a mistake because all that gook and debris can keep your air conditioner from running efficiently, meaning that your AC is going to have to work harder to cool your home and that your energy bill is going to be pretty high. Spring clean your HVAC to make it run more efficiently and to bring the summer savings.


2.    Spring Cleaning Reduces Repair Costs


As the outside debris builds up on and in your HVAC unit over time, it doesn’t just make it run inefficiently and charge up your energy bill. The debris can clog your unit and actually lead to damages, costing you Ducktales-size piles of coins. The damages might not seem that big of a deal now—If your AC is still blowing cool air, is it really even broken? Well, it’s not irreparably broken, but letting the debris stay for longer periods can change that. Spring cleaning your HVAC unit can reduce repair costs and lead to summer savings.


3.    Spring Cleaning Prolongs the Life of Your HVAC Unit


Replacing an old HVAC unit is likely the biggest bill you’ll have to foot this summer—and the cost seems especially cumbersome if you’re not expecting to spend the money in the first place. The longer your HVAC unit lasts, the longer you can wait to buy a new one. You can save money this summer by spring cleaning your HVAC unit, or giving your air conditioner a tune-up. A tune-up not only includes literally cleaning the unit (to avoid clogs and other issues), but it also involves topping off the refrigerant, replacing your air filter, and making other minor repairs.


Want to Include Your HVAC Unit in Your Spring Cleaning? Call Action Air


While spring cleaning your home is tedious, spring cleaning your unit will require the expert attention of a professional HVAC technician. Spring cleaning your HVAC unit and getting an AC tune-up are one and the same. Call the experts at Action Air to schedule your AC tune-up before it gets too hot this summer.