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5 AC Options for Your Home Boiler System

Too often homeowners with boiler systems are made to believe that an effective, energy-efficient cooling system is a pipe dream. In fact, many homeowners assume their ductless boiler system makes AC an impossibility altogether. However, the experts at Action Air are here to dispel these rumors and end your summertime suffering by sharing 5 AC options for your home boiler system!


1. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System

First of all, we want to share one of the best options to cool older homes. Featuring an outdoor condenser and indoor handlers, VRF systems offer the flexibility of a modern system without compromising the architectural integrity of older houses. With this flexibility, you can use a VRF system to heat or cool your home, even simultaneously in different areas of the house. Also, these systems are very quiet and energy-efficient, as the variable-speed compressor only runs at the capacity needed for current conditions. Furthermore, you can use multiple indoor units to create zones for individual control of different rooms.

 2. Ductless Mini-Split System

As a more viable option, consider installing a ductless mini-split system to cool your home. With minimal reconstruction required for installation, this system features an indoor and outdoor unit that are connected by a small hole in the wall. In addition to the convenient installation, these systems are quiet and energy efficient and can be used for cooling and heating. Furthermore, there are no ducts needed for this system, meaning you can skip the headache of installing duct work.

 3. A Traditional Ducted Attic AC System

Another alternative AC solution is installing a traditional ducted attic AC system. Although effective in cooling the entire house, even those with multiple levels, this system requires a complex installation process. Featuring an outdoor condenser and indoor handler, this system has ducts in the attic and registers in the ceiling. As a result of installation, the architectural integrity of the home can be disturbed. However, this is still a doable option for almost any home. Therefore, if you don’t mind investing in a long-term solution with a larger-scale remodel and installation process, this could be a cooling option to consider.

 4. High Velocity System

If you are looking for a ducted system that does not require such an involved installation process, a high velocity mini-duct system could be the right solution for you. First of all, the small, flexible ducts are only 3 inches in diameter and snake through the walls and on top of ceilings with minimal construction to your home. Secondly, these mini-duct systems deliver cool air through inconspicuous grilles smaller than an audio CD, causing minimal disruption to the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, these systems can heat your home, as well.

5. Window AC Units

Last on our list of AC options for your home boiler system are window AC units. Although these units are at the bottom of our recommendation list, they made the cut as a viable option under two conditions:

  • You’re Cooling a Short-Term or Temporary Living Space:

If you need to cool a small space with one or two rooms, this is a good option to consider. Especially if you are renting the space or your living arrangements are short-term/temporary, this is a good alternative to investing in the installment of a permanent whole-home system.

  • You Live in a Climate with Milder Summers:

This is a solid option if mild summers necessitate an AC system for only a couple months. Once cooler weather kicks in, you can uninstall these units from your window and put them away until next year.


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