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5 Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck Indoors

Indoor activities during winterDo the cold, winter months have you feeling stir crazy and bored? Here are some creative ways to spend your time when you’re stuck indoors, with nothing but time on your hands.

As the song suggests, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” And even though our Indiana winter hasn’t been as harsh as predicted (so far), the temperatures and dreary weather have certainly put a damper on outdoor activities. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fun things you can do indoors (and links that show you how to do them). Take a look, stay warm, and enjoy!

Dig out old photographs. You remember those days when we took pictures from a point-and-shoot camera and then actually developed them? And then, if you’re like me, you probably stuck them in a drawer, shoe box or random envelope, never to be seen again. Cold days are perfect times to pour a cup of coffee and sort through them. Better yet, create something for your home that shows them off. Take a look at these do-it-yourself craft ideas from Better Homes & Garden right here.

Make a tent. Who says indoor tents are just for kids? Of course they can be, but you can also make one for the whole family (or just for adults). Indoor tents can serve to transport imaginations into different worlds, and provide a glorious space to dream, sleep, create and tell stories. Need inspiration? Apartment Therapy offers up some awesome indoor tent ideas here.

Turn to comfort food. Who doesn’t like warm, feel-good treats when it’s freezing outside? There’s something about macaroni and cheese or chicken pot pie that nurtures the soul. The winter months are ideal opportunities to test out new recipes and get adventurous in the kitchen. Thanks to Southern Living, you have plenty of recipes to choose from here.

Catch up with old friends. In today’s digital age of texts and instant messaging, it’s not hard to go days without having a meaningful conversation with anyone. Snow days are excellent times to reach out to old friends and catch up. Why? Because it’s fun, but it also happens to be important. Psychology Today explains it all here.

Practice the art of binge-watching. There are so many great television shows on right now, but it’s impossible to watch them all. That’s where binge-watching comes in. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out in your pajamas, cuddle with some popcorn and blankets, and let your mind escape to different worlds. What should you watch? Newsday listed some great options here.

What else?

We know that there are dozens of other ideas for entertaining yourself (or your family) indoors during these long winter months. We’d love to hear about your favorites. Please leave your suggestions (or maybe warnings, if they didn’t work out so well) below.