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6 IAQ Tips for Pets

IAQ Tips for Pets

Lots of things can lead to indoor air quality issues, but if you have a pet, the chances of your home feeling musty and stuffy are pretty high. The best ways to keep your indoor air quality squeaky-clean are to keep your pet groomed and to attend diligently to your HVAC system. Here are 6 IAQ tips for pets and pet owners.


6 Indoor Air Quality Tips for Pet Owners


1.    Brush Your Pet Daily


In the summertime especially, your pet is shedding up a storm. Having all that loose hair wafting around is awful for your indoor air quality. If it gets bad enough, you could even get what’s called “groomer’s lung,” which occurs when you breathe in pet hair. Save your lungs the trouble by brushing your pet every day. You can’t stop the shedding from happening, but you can control it.


2.    Trim Your Pet’s Hair


Another great way to help reduce pet hair and dander in your home is to groom your pet. You can trim their hair or give them a shave. It’s not too difficult a task if you leave the hair on their head and tail alone.


3.    Give Your Pet a Bath


As mentioned in the previous point, it’s not just your pet’s hair that negatively impacts your home’s IAQ. The dander—ranging from their dead skin cells to their saliva—can create a musty atmosphere in your home. You should give your pet a bath about once a month for best results.


4.    Dust, Sweep, and Vacuum


Despite your very best efforts, a layer of hair and dander can coat all the surfaces in your home, giving your house and your IAQ a neglected, haunted effect. After brushing and grooming your pet, dust, sweep, and vacuum your home to give you and your family some breathing room.


5.    Make a Lint Roller Your Best Bud


Pet hair is pesky. When it comes to the carpet, upholstery, and clothing, it stubbornly stays put, even when you try to wipe it away. Cue the lint roller: your new best friend. Its sticky surface grabs the little hairs you miss, so the air in your home can be free of pet debris.


6.    Replace Your AC Filter


Households with pets need to replace their air filters more frequently than households without. All the hair and dander that floats around in your home gets caught in your air filter and clogs it even faster than usual. When your filter is clogged like that, your AC blows the debris it caught back into your home. How counter-productive! Change out your air filter at least once a month for the best IAQ results.


Want More IAQ Tips for Pets? Call Action Air


We hope the above IAQ tips for pets was beneficial, but if you’re looking for faster results, your best option is to call Action Air for indoor air quality services. We can provide you with indoor air quality services that will leave the air in your home feeling sparkly clean. Call now to speak with one of our friendly representatives.