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7 Heating Tips for Valentine’s Day

heating tips for valentine's day


It’s that time of year when you want to snuggle up with that special someone. While a chilly home is a great excuse to get close, you don’t want that to be your only source of heat. Here are 7 heating tips for Valentine’s Day:


1.    Light a Fire


What’s more romantic that sitting by the fire with the person you love? You may feel reluctant to light a fire because of the fireplace maintenance (ensuring you’ve opened the flue all the way, kindling the flames, cleaning the soot out afterward, etc.). Yeah, it’s a little more work than switching your furnace on, but think of the benefits: the savings, the warmth, the comfort. A true symbol that the fire in your relationship hasn’t gone out.


2.    Seal Air Leaks


Another way to nurture warmth in your home is to protect it. The smallest air leak can become a temptation. Guard your home and your heart by sealing air leaks: check your windows to see if you can feel drafts. If so, replace the sealant to keep them air-tight and keep the fire burning in your home.


3.    Insulate Your Pipes


Not every day is Valentine’s Day, which is to say that sometimes the simplest gestures of love can be hard to come by. As we approach this holiday of chocolates and flowers, you could be bracing yourself for a freeze warning. Just as small acts of kindness can protect your relationship, so too can they protect your pipes: Insulation is inexpensive and easy to install.


4.    Clean Out Your Water Heater


Over time, sediment can build up in your water heater. In the same way that your experiences and fears can compound in you, making you colder to your loved one, your water heater can also lose its warmth as the years go by. Help your water heater reset by having it flushed by a professional.


5.    Soak in the Sun When You Can


Even in the winter, there are days when the sun manages to shine through the clouds. Stay present and be aware of these days as they’re few and far between this season. Be appreciative of the sun when it shows up for you and let yourself bask in it: Open your blinds and let it heat your home like it did in warmer seasons.


6.    Reverse Your Ceiling Fans


Sometimes, just shifting your perspective a little can make a big difference. In the same way, you can simply reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to change the outcome from cold air to warm air.


7.    Open Your Ventilation


Just being open to warmth can be enough to attract it to you. Be open in mind and open in ventilation. Make sure you’re not blocking your vents with furniture and that your vents are open and pointing in the right direction for optimum heating.


Even if you’ve done the work on your end, you could still be having a hard time with ventilation. That just means you need a little help from a professional. Call Action Air for all your heating needs.