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7 Ways to Stay Cool During a Summer Power Outage


ways to stay cool during a summer power outage


It’s hard to imagine living without air conditioning. Unfortunately, suffering through a summer power outage is a great lesson in how to stay cool without the help of an HVAC unit.

The Action Air team is here to share some easy and accessible ways to stay cool during a summer power outage. Read on to find out more!

1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential to keeping cool. The human body moderates its temperature by sweating. Drinking cool water will help your body perspire, thereby helping you beat the heat.

2. Close Off Warm Rooms

Staying cool during a summer power outage is all about slowing the movement of hot air into your home. If you have rooms that are typically warmer than others, exterior rooms or sunrooms for example, close them off. Shutting the doors that lead to those rooms will slow the movement of the hot air to the cooler areas of your home.

3. Wear Thin, Loose Fitting Clothes

The first thing you should do when the power goes out is change your clothing. When your home is air conditioned, you can stay comfortable in jeans and sweaters. However, when your air conditioning shuts off, the first thing you should do is change. Put on thin, loose clothes made of linen and cotton. This will help you increase air movement against your skin.

4. Hang Damp Sheets and Towels

Ever wonder how people kept cool without air conditioning? Mostly with the help of damp sheets and towels. For thousands of years, Ancient Egyptians hung damp linens in doorways and windows of their homes. The movement of air through the wet cloth turned dry hot air into cool mist.

You can emulate the genius of the Egyptians by dampening towels and sheets and hanging them in your open doorways and windows. If you’re really feeling the heat, you can moisten your sheets before bed, and leave a window open while you sleep. As the water in the sheets evaporates, it will cool the air around you as you sleep.

5. Go Swimming

If you can’t stand the heat inside your home, head outside! If you have a pool, or have access to a neighborhood pool, going for a dip is a refreshing way to spend the afternoon.

6. Head Downstairs

Hot air rises. If your air conditioning has failed, the lower floors will be cooler than the upper floors. If the power goes out, spend the day downstairs. And, if it seems like the power will be out for several hours, ensure your family can all sleep on the lowest floor.

7. Purchase Battery-Powered Fans

Battery-powered fans provide instant relief in the case of an outage. However, if an outage is occurring, they will probably be sold out. So, if your area is prone to blackouts or brownouts, stock up on a few battery-powered fans now.

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