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Act Now to Prevent a Cooling Problem in Your Home

Be prepared. It’s not just a motto. It’s a really good idea with a proven track record. That’s why Indianapolis homeowners who want to save energy while staying comfortable through the height of summer temperatures – and avoid pesky, extremely inconvenient air conditioner breakdowns – take a critical step of preparation.

They get thSchdule your A/C Tune-up Today!eir air conditioning systems tuned up and ready before they send them into the high temperature trenches.

So, to be comfortable this summer, here’s what to do this spring:

Have a trained, licensed professional perform key maintenance tasks on your system, including:

  •  inspecting, cleaning and adjusting blower motors, belts and thermostats;
  • testing airflow and checking/recharging refrigerant;
  • lubricating motes and cleaning out drains;
  • and ultimately making sure all components are working together and doing what they should.

Save Money, Preserve Equipment – According to the EPA, heating and cooling costs the average homeowner about $1,000 a year – nearly half of your home’s total energy bill. Yet regular maintenance of your air conditioner can reduce your energy costs by restoring your equipment to factory specs and peak efficiency; and regular maintenance also preserves your investment by lengthening the life of your equipment.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your air conditioner is working as safely and as efficiently as possible; that it’s preserving a healthy indoor environment – with better quality air and preventing hazardous conditions – and that you won’t face untimely breakdowns. Sound good? Act now.

Remember, the best time to service an air conditioner is before it’s needed. To schedule your preseason tune-up with Action Air, just call or email, and we’ll take care of you.