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Action Air A/C techs on the lookout for “the big one”

Last week our technicians Dave and Nick arrived at a clients home to replace their old worn out air conditioner. As usual, they unloaded the truck and carried the needed tools and equipment around to the back of the home to their work area. As Dave was walking around he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, and when he looked down a SNAKE slithered right over his foot! For some reason Dave thought it would be a good idea to just catch the snake, so he did and placed it in a box. Always thinking about taking care of the clients Dave then asked the homeowner if she had a pet snake, to which she replied why? Did you find one? After showing the homeowner the snake her only comment was “That’s the little one, there is a bigger one that usually hangs out around here!”. Needless to say, Dave and Nick worked quickly that day while keeping lookout for “the big one.”