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Afraid to open that utility bill?

You are not alone. Many folks will be receiving shocking utility bills over the next few weeks, and will be thinking of ways to conserve energy and save money on those bills moving forward. One great and economical place to start is the attic. Since heat rises, it makes sense to conserve as much of that escaping heat as possible. By adding additional insulation to an attic that is under insulated you can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy, and it may be less costly than you think.

Another way to increase energy savings is to consider replacing an older less efficient furnace with a high efficiency model. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, upgrading to the most efficient furnace with a variable speed blower will result in lower utility bills and keep the home more comfortable.

If you have rooms that are too hot or too cold then adding a zone system might be a consideration. A zone system helps balance the air that flows through the home by adding dampers and controls for those problem areas, and can ultimately save money by providing better control over the amount of heating or cooling used for each area.

And did you know that adding a humidifier can help keep your home warmer? Moist heat is heavier that dry heat, and helps your body feel warmer, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower setting.

All of these options for saving energy and keeping your family more comfortable are services we provide, and are happy to discuss with you. Just ask your technician the next time he visits, or give our office a call anytime at 317-451-4371.