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Air Ducts: How They Impact Heating and Cooling Efficiency

heating and cooling efficiency

There are plenty of benefits to having an efficient HVAC system. Cheaper electric bills are great, but having a longer-lasting system that isn’t constantly coming on and off is even better. Both of those will save you money in the long run, and the more efficient an HVAC system is, the better it is for the environment. Aside from that huge benefit, the most direct and obvious bonus is that you’ll find yourself more comfortable in your own home! Having an efficient HVAC system means that it’ll get your house to the temperature you want much sooner than the alternative.


Most people know about servicing their systems, and taking care of the heating and cooling elements, etc. An oft-overlooked element of having an efficient HVAC system is having efficient air ducts!


Dirty Air Ducts


It’s inevitable that dirt and dust will collect in your air ducts. All this dust and dirt will eventually reach your heat exchangers and condenser coils. This obviously means that they won’t work as efficiently, and that means less warm or cool air in your home. Aside from the inefficiency, this dirt and dust is mixed in with all sorts of unpleasant matter that is a breeding ground for bacteria! Since your system is working against this disadvantage, it’ll be coming on and off a lot more often, which as discussed earlier means more wear and tear. That means more expenses for maintenance and replacement when the time comes.


Damaged Air Ducts


Ducts may be poorly insulated or even damaged. When we’re using our HVAC systems, we’re sending insulated air down a shaft, hopefully to its intended destination. If the insulation is weak or non-existent, you may find your air is slowly balancing with the ambient temperature of the corridors it’s passing. Unfortunately, by the time it reaches its destination, it might be a little (or a lot) less potent than it would’ve been otherwise. Damaged ducts are essentially the same problem, except rather than the air balancing temperature it’s leaving the duct all together, meaning you might be very comfortable in the wall or basement of your house where the leak is, but not where you necessarily want the air to come!


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When you consider the ramifications, this all equals more expenses, more discomfort, and more problems down the road. Having clean and efficient air ducts means fewer headaches down the road. You’ll be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter if the air your HVAC system is delivering reaches its destination at the intended temperature. Without properly maintained and cleaned ducts, you might be losing out on short term comfort and minor expenses, but eventually, you’ll see a big penalty from an environmental perspective and a very noticeable financial toll when your system has an early breakdown due to stress.


So, if you’re worried about how your system is operating, or if you’d like to have some more questions answered about the topic, call Action Air and set up an appointment today!