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Invisible, Breathable Dangers

One type of indoor air pollution that you can actually see with your own eyes is smoke. I’m sure you’ve been witness to (or participated in) some type of cooking mishap that filled the kitchen with smoke. It doesn’t take a lot of scientific research to know that the smoke lingering in your home is getting breathed in by your family. That’s obvious, so you open a window or turn on an exhaust fan or do something to help clear the air.

But that’s for dangers that you see. Some indoor air pollution is not as easy to spot. For example, you may not notice the pollutants being produced by mold, dust, pet dander, household cleaners and more. Worse, carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, but very dangerous.

Well, we have a way to help you see what you’ve been breathing. Interested in learning more about our Indoor Air Analysis? Hope so. Just call or email Action Air and we will send one of our talented HVAC technicians to your home in Indianapolis, Fishers, Anderson or surrounding areas.

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