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Awesome Holiday Gift Idea

Unique gift ideaThey might not be sexy, but humidifiers make the perfect cold weather gift for the person that has everything!

We know that most holiday wish lists include glamorous or glittery things … like flat screen televisions, jewelry, new wardrobes or shiny tools. But really, those things are so … expected, right?

What if you could get that special someone in your life something that no one – not even Santa – would be able to guess? What if it was a gift that would keep on giving, for years to come? And what if, on top of all of that, this spectacular gift would improve the quality of your life for the whole family?

We are, indeed, suggesting that you give the gift of … wait for it … a humidifier. And no, this isn’t a joke. Need proof? Check out our special holiday coupon to save $75 (see below).

So why would a humidifier make such a great gift? By all accounts, this winter is going to be a long one, and with it will come some less than desirable conditions, like:

Dry nasal passages. Yes, it’s gross to think about, but soon you’ll be waking up in the morning with those little dried and crusty friends in your nose, and I think you know what I’m talking about. This is caused by too little moisture in the air.

Static shock. You know when you reach out to open the refrigerator and feel a zing that goes all the way down to your toes? It doesn’t feel so good. And everyone with kids knows what a “shock fight” eventually leads to … tears and flying fists, that’s what! Humidifiers reduce that static and keep the family peace.

Potential wood damage. The dry and cold air of winter can wreak havoc on wood floors and furniture. Humidifiers help keep them in better condition.

If that’s not enough reasons to get a humidifier for the holidays, there’s more. They can also provide a number of health benefits, including:

Faster healing. Humidifiers can speed up the healing process when it comes to asthma, colds or allergies, because they keep nasal passages lubricated. They also promote sinus health, since moist air promotes proper drainage and function.

Nosebleed and snoring relief. When people suffer regular nosebleeds or snoring, it’s often due to a dry climate. Humidifiers can keep moisture in the throat and nose, which helps alleviate such problems.

Beautiful skin. Winter air can lead to cracked hands, chapped lips and flaky skin. Humidifiers help soothe that dry skin by providing hydration that will have you waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and looking supple.

So what are you waiting for? Liven up your gift giving this year and save $75 in the process. Call us today at (317) 585-8981, and we’ll get your humidifier delivered … but probably not wrapped.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear about your holiday list. Besides a humidifier, of course, what else is at the top of your wish list? Are there any must-have items that would make your day? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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