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Benefits of a Voice-Controlled WiFi Thermostat


In the middle of a technological renaissance, it’s no surprise that new technology has taken the HVAC world by storm, and the timing could not be better! With rising utility bills in homes across the U.S., one of the most popular solutions is upgrading to smart home technology. Among the many smart home devices are voice-controlled WiFi thermostats. Are you wondering if this is an upgrade worth making for your home? Well, the team at Action Air is here to tell you about some benefits of a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat!


How It Works:

First of all, you must understand how a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat works to fully appreciate the benefits it can bring. After installation, this thermostat will listen for your voice, and learn commands from how you interact with it over time. With many voice-controlled thermostats, such as the Honeywell brand, you must say: “Hello, thermostat”, followed by one of the pre-programmed commands, such as “make it three degrees warmer.” However, with advanced algorithms, these thermostats are able to become smarter over time, adding more commands based on its interactions with you. In addition to being able to control your thermostat hands-free with your voice while you’re at home, you can control it remotely while you’re away from a number of different devices. Now that you understand the basic function of a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat, we can delve deeper into the benefits:

1. Save Money

Firstly, you can save a lot of money on heating and cooling bills by upgrading to a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat. Because you can maintain full control over how and when you choose to heat and cool different areas of your home, you’ll inevitably reduce the amount of energy you use. Consequently, you can reduce your heating and cooling bills drastically.

2. Reduce Your Environmental Impact

As another benefit of reduced energy usage, your carbon footprint will be reduced by making this upgrade. Unfortunately, we still rely a great deal on fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes, which releases carbon dioxide into the air. As a result, our indoor comfort is often at the expense of outdoor pollution. That being said, figures from Nest Thermostat point to 10-12% savings on heating and 15% on cooling when you upgrade to their thermostat. Not only will this save money and energy, but ultimately, will lessen your contributions to environmental issues.

3. Make Daily Life More Convenient

It’s not outside the realm of possibilities to predict that most future homes will have built-in smart appliances. Not only is this due to the savings smart technology offers, but also because of the daily convenience it provides. With a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat, you don’t have to worry about remembering to adjust the thermostat before leaving. Moreover, gone are the days of waiting for the temperature to balance out when you come home after a long day. In addition to setting a 7-day schedule for your thermostat, you can change that schedule remotely, anytime plans change. This allows you to avoid being tethered to your thermostat settings, so you can be free to go with the flow of day-to-day life. Additionally, the voice-control feature allows you to control temperatures from anywhere in your home, without needing access to your phone or other device.

4. Track Your Savings

Another benefit of a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat is the ability to track your energy use and savings. With these thermostats, you receive reports reflecting how much energy you use and the peak hours of that use. Not only can this feature track your usage, but it shows you additional adjustments to make for more savings.

5. Avoid Frequent HVAC Maintenance

Lastly, upgrading to a voice-controlled WiFi thermostat will save you money and time on HVAC maintenance. Inevitably, the less energy you waste on running your system, the less wear and tear your HVAC equipment endures. As a result, you can enjoy a break from costly HVAC maintenance and repairs outside of routine tune-ups.  

Take the Next Steps with Action Air

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