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But I just needed an Air Conditioner tune up…

Action Air HVAC Service TrucksRegular maintenance of your homes air conditioning system is vital to getting the most life out of your system. Since replacing your equipment can be expensive, doesn’t it make good sense to have it done on a regular basis?

What happens if the technician finds a problem or points out a potential problem when he is doing the maintenance?  Sometimes we have clients that aren’t too happy to know that we found a problem with the system…especially if they haven’t noticed a problem with the way the unit is cooling the home. After all, we are just there for a tune up.   But think about this.  What if we did the maintenance on the air conditioner, no problems are mentioned but a month later it stops cooling and you are facing a repair bill that you were not expecting? It might cross your mind that we missed something or did not do a good job.

Our goal is this.  Do a thorough and complete maintenance on the system, check all components, take measurements and readings, clean and lubricate the components restoring the system to the best condition possible.  If we find a component that reads below the manufacturers specs, or find something that is weak or deteriorating we will document it and make the client aware of our findings.  Often the client will choose to go ahead and make the repair to avoid a potential break down on the hottest days, but sometimes they will take the wait and see approach.  Since we have no way to tell just how long a weak component will last,  often the wait and see approach gives the client time to prepare financially for the repair ahead.

Either way, we feel it is in the client’s best interest to give them all of the information so that they can make the best decision possible for the comfort of their family.