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Daily Struggles

Action Air owners John Dinger, Kandie Dinger & Gary SylvesterAs we go about our business each day, it is easy to forget that the people we meet may be facing struggles that we are unaware of. Occasionally we have clients that become upset upon hearing bad news about the repairs or replacement needed to their furnace, or maybe they weren’t expecting that they would have to replace the air conditioner this year. Recently we were at the home of an elderly client that had been with us for many years.  When discussing a large repair that needed to be made to her air conditioning system, she broke down and cried. She just didn’t know what to do, as her husband of many years had recently passed away, and he had always taken care of making sure things around the house were fixed.

Even as I look around our office, I know that many of our employees are going through life situations that may make getting through the day a bit more difficult. At this very moment I can think of several of our employees that are dealing with family illnesses, relationship difficulties and financial strain.  Life happens to us all, the good and the bad.

I coach my employees to approach those we meet with kindness and gracious words. Just as we face challenges in our own lives, so do those we serve.