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Dishing Out the Latest Dirt

There are some pretty ugly stories in the home comfort business. No, I’m not talking about the kind of stories that are going to light up the Hollywood gossip websites. I’m talking about really, really ugly things – like dirt, grime and buildup.

I’m talking about stuff that you wouldn’t want to see with your eyes closed… or stuff that you wouldn’t want to smell with both nostrils plugged up. I’m talking about really bad ugly stuff that we see inside a home comfort system that hasn’t been tuned up since the Internet was a baby.

Of course, there’s one group of people who knows it doesn’t have to be this way. Oh, no – they don’t let anyone trash talk their home comfort system. That’s because they’re in a rather remarkable club…The Action Air Service Club.

At Action Air, we feel it is our ethical duty to educate you on ways to: A) save money, B) save time, C) save hassles and headaches. Especially when we know a better way. And believe me, what I have to tell you is much better than waiting for a system failure…

Our Service Club is a way to help ensure that A, B and C happen for you! Plus, a whole lot more. How?

Well, you won’t have to even think about “remembering” your service schedule. We do it for you. And you’re guaranteed to save more energy dollars as a Service Club member. Plus, you won’t pay full price for repairs! Just these two little benefits can pay for your membership! But – as they say in the commercials – there’s more…

There’s that peace of mind, which is impossible to put a price on. You’ll get priority service during peak service times. You get equipment that will last longer… and you get a team of pros backing you. Guaranteed.

So, take the next step in true home comfort: keep your system maintained and keep it healthy. It’ll save you time and money, just like we promise.

Don’t worry that you’re getting into some “binding” contract here… this is for your peace of mind, so if you want to cancel, that’s ok with us. Just fill out this form online or give us a call at 317-451-4371 to get started or to have us answer any questions.