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Energy-Saving Tips to Beat Summer Heat

We’re all about saving energy, especially during the peak of each season. With the hottest summer temperatures upon us, our customers often ask for tips to save energy. We’re always happy to help, so here are some of our top energy-saving tips to beat the summer heat.

Maintain your AC unit. Have your air conditioner serviced regularly to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. If it’s old or in decline, invest in an energy-saving model and save up to 10 percent.

Get programmed. By installing an energy-efficient programmable thermostat, you can save up to 3 percent.

Replace filters. Dirty air conditioner filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use. Replace filters monthly for maximum benefit.

Turn up the thermostat. Make sure to set your thermostat higher when you’re not home, and adjust it when you’re home just low enough to keep your family comfortable.

Turn on the fans. Using ceiling or room fans allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room.

Cook smart. When possible, use your microwave (it uses two-thirds less energy than your stove) or outdoor grill when preparing meals. This will also keep that oven from heating up your indoor air.

Use the dishwasher. Using your dishwasher actually uses less water than washing those dishes by hand. And even better – let them air dry at the end of the cycle.

Fill that refrigerator. An empty fridge means that it has to work harder to stay cool every time the door is opened. So conversely, a full fridge means it stays cooler, and less energy is used.

Watch the time. To help prevent electricity outages, avoid running your appliances during peak hours, – from 4-6 p.m. – or anytime an electricity emergency is declared.

Be laundry wise. Do your laundry efficiently by using the warm or cold water setting for washing your clothes (rather than hot). And always use cold water to rinse clothes – it saves four percent! Also, line-dry your clothes when possible. When you do use the dryer, run full loads, use the moisture-sensing setting (if available), and clean the clothes dryer lint trap after every use.

Turn it off. Remember to turn off any appliances, lights, electronics or other equipment when not in use – it can save up to 2 percent.

Stop leaks. Don’t let that cool air out or the hot air in. Weather-strip, seal, and caulk leaky doors and windows, and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers.

Choose energy-efficient products. Invest in ENERGY STAR® certified table lamps and light fixtures, and replace your incandescent light bulbs that are used more than two hours per day with ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent bulbs.

What are your tips?

Do you have any energy-saving tips to add to the list? We’d love to hear about them – please leave your ideas below. And as always, give us a call for any of your air-conditioning needs. We’ll schedule an appointment right away.