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Ever been attacked by a turkey??

Turkey Attack!Sometimes our techs run in to some pretty funny stuff as they are out and about each day. Recently one of our technicians pulled up to a client’s home in Anderson to make a furnace repair. As he parked his truck in the driveway he noticed some large birds wandering around. Not thinking too much of it, he exited his truck as usual. As soon as he got out of the vehicle and started to approach the home, he was quite surprised to see that he was surrounded… by a large flock of wild Turkeys! As he tried to walk toward the front door of the clients home they approached him, clucking and following him like they were excited to see him. Not knowing too much about the behavior of wild Turkeys, or if these were some special breed of guard Turkeys the homeowner had for security, he decided to hop back into the truck for a minute until they retreated.

Apparently those wild Turkeys thought he had a pocket full of corn, because they remained circled around the truck for quite a while checking him out with their beady little eyes and waggling their gobblers at him. Every time he tried to exit the truck they moved in for the kill, and each time he had to retreat back into the safety of his vehicle. This game between man and wild turkey went on for about 10 minutes, until the Turkeys became bored and wandered away, finally allowing him to approach the home.

This story sure made for some good laughs around the office!