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Welcome to our new website! Oct 07

Welcome to our new website! Thanks to Tom Britt from atgeist.com for all of his help getting us up and running ! We hope you find our new format very user friendly, and just to let you know…there will be many more features to come in the near future. Soon you will be able to watch “Tech Talk” to get your most common heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality questions answered. And, you will be able to “meet” the technician that is coming to your home virtually before he arrives by going online and clicking his name. We think this will be a great addition, and help new clients alleviate concerns they may have about letting a stranger into their home. This will also be a great partner to the Technician Seal of Safety program that we now participate in. For more info on this go to www.mysafetyseal.com.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business in order to better serve our clients. Thanks for doing business with us, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.