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First Warm Day

Hot and sunny day

Where to Get Air Conditioner Maintenance in Indianapolis

The warm weather we have been waiting on has finally arrived, and with it comes the EXPLOSION of our phones. It happens every year with the first muggy day…we suddenly become the most popular kids on the block! We are not complaining mind you, but it can be quite a balancing act getting so many folks taken care of all at once.
We often have clients that call with a problem on the first hot day, and want us to just go ahead and take care of the maintenance while we’re there. While we always like to do our best to accommodate our clients requests, having the maintenance done at this time is not usually possible when we are experiencing such a heavy volume of no cooling calls. In order for our technicians to do proper maintenance, we need to allow them 60-90 minutes of time, and when we have so many calls backed up due to the heat, that just isn’t always feasible.
Getting air conditioner maintenance scheduled early is the key to starting the season off trouble free, but if you are experiencing a problem, please know that we will always do our best to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.