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Fun Facts About May – the Month We Love

There is much more to May in Indiana than just Indy Cars. Check out these interesting facts that might surprise you.

May is a month of great weather and non-stop activities if you live in central Indiana. Whether it’s the countless outdoor community events, or the nonstop daily schedule at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there’s no way to be bored. May gets even more interesting when you learn about its less-known fun facts. Check them out:

  • The month of May was actually named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.
  • In any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day of the week as May does.
  • Folk lore includes the belief that if you woke up on May 1st and washed your face in the morning dew, it would remove all freckles and pimples, giving you a great complexion.
  • No United States president has ever died in May. It is the only month with that distinction.
  • May’s birthstone is the emerald, which is emblematic of love and success.
  • Although May is now a popular month to get married, it was once considered bad luck. There is even a poem that states, “Marry in May and you’ll rue the day.”
  • According to old superstitions, you should not buy a broom or wash blankets in May.
  • May 1 is May Day in many countries. This is also celebrated as Labor Day in many countries
  • Lily of the Valley is the traditional flower for this month, a symbol of sweetness.
  • May is a month of races. The Kentucky Derby is held on the second Sunday of May, while the Indianapolis 500 is also held each year during this month.
  • The United Kingdom celebrates May as the National Smile Month.
  • The Empire State Building was officially opened on May 1, 1931.
  • May Day is probably best known now for the medieval tradition of “dancing the maypole dance,” a custom that continues to be practiced. Fair young maidens circle the decorated pole weaving together patterns of ribbons in the process.
  • Another old belief was that babies born in May would be sick all through their childhood, and cats born in May wouldn’t catch rodents, but rather bring home snakes.