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Furnace Flooding in Indianapolis – What You Need To Do.

Contact Action Air about Furnace FloodingThis heavy rain this past weekend has resulted in several of our clients finding themselves with no heat due to the furnace being underwater because of a flooded basement. Combine that with the sudden drop in temperature, and this becomes an urgent situation for those clients.
The first obvious step for the homeowner in this predicament is to get the water removed from the basement. For the safety of our technicians, the area around the furnace must be dry before we can begin to evaluate the situation inside the furnace.
The amount of water in the basement, and the make and model of the furnace will determine the extent of the damage. All electrical components such as circuit boards, blower motors, wiring and transformers may have been compromised and need replaced. More extensive damage can result in a bad gas valve and even water in the gas lines.
A complete evaluation of the damage and cost of repairs will be needed in order for the decision to be made by the homeowner to repair the existing furnace or replace it instead. Of course, a flood will void any warranty coverage that may be on the existing equipment, though many homeowners insurance policies cover this type of damage.

If you are an Indianapolis, Fishers, Anderson or surrounding area resident and experienced flooding this weekend, contact Action Air at 317-451-4371 to help you determine what needs to be done to your furnace.