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Heating Do’s and Don’ts (For Saving Money)

Although spring is right around the corner, Indianapolis didn’t seem to get the memo. Chilly storms and freezing weather are still common, and unless you like living in a frozen wasteland, your heater is working overtime. Although we require constant heating to endure the Indianapolis weather, higher energy bills shouldn’t come along with it. Instead of paying to excessive utility bills, find what should and shouldn’t be done with your heating to maximize its efficiency.

Luckily, the experts at Action Air have done the research for you! We have assembled an easy guide of heating do’s and don’ts for saving money.

Heating Do’s:

Clean Your Supply and Return Vents – Your heating circulates air through these vents, and when build-up occurs, air is not distributed properly. Clean your supply and return vents regularly to remove dust, debris, and potential allergens from blocking or contaminating your air.

Maintain Insulation – Insulation conceals indoor heat while blocking outdoor cold air and should be maintained for energy efficiency. Check your attic’s insulation levels, and by signifying where your attic joists are, you can determine its status. If your insulation is below or level with your joists, then it is adequate. Anything lower or higher is considered improper, and you should contact a professional to restore your insulation.

Change Temperature at Night – Instead of running your heater throughout the night, turn down your heating before you go to bed and opt for thicker blankets and sweaters to keep the comfort.  Do not completely turn off your heater, as this can make nights uncomfortable and may freeze your pipes.

Replace Your Filters – Your filters block dust and debris from ruining your heating system, and by replacing them every 2-3 months, you’ll be able to maximize your heating and cut down on energy costs.

Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance – To ensure your heating is working at peak capacity, schedule a maintenance inspection once a year with Action Air. Our extensive checklist and preventative measures ensure you know the exact status of your heating and what issues need to be addressed, as well as strengthening your heater’s performance to save money.


Heating Don’ts:

Always Leave On – Avoid leaving your heating at full blast when you’re at work, out with friends, or sleeping. Instead, turn it down when you’re gone and cut down on utility costs.

Block Airflow – Don’t let objects get in the way of your vents, and never let your vents become cluttered with dust and debris. Allow clear passages and clean your vents regularly.

Ignore Damages – If your heater is damaged or at performing poorly, seek professional help instead of ignoring the issue. Disregarding an initial problem can compromise your system, costing more for repairs or even replacement.

Keep Doors and Windows Open – When your doors and windows are left open, your heating wastes energy circulating warm air that leaves your home. Instead, keep doors and windows closed, and consider purchasing weather stripping to maximize concealment.

Only Use the Heating System – Relying strictly on your heating for warmth is never efficient, as there are other ways to add heat to your home. Portable space heaters and fireplaces can boost warmth in certain instances and even help lower heating costs. You can also reverse your ceiling fan’s blades to draw out cold air and distribute warmth more efficiently.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of heating can help cut down on energy costs while removing the burden of staying warm for the season! If you are ready for your annual maintenance inspection, contact Action Air today. We help ensure our homeowners are receiving energy-efficient heating, as our maintenance inspection services cut down on energy costs for your Indianapolis home. Give us a call at 317-451-4371 to schedule an appointment and get started!