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Now is the time to keep those high energy bills in check

Schedule a furnace maintenance appointment today!This time of year we get calls from folks thinking there may be a problem with their home heating system because they just received a shockingly high electric bill. While there can be malfunctions that can cause high electric bills, we have had a few instances lately where Indianapolis area homeowners with Heat Pump systems are not using them properly, resulting in unusually high bills.

A total electric Heat Pump system is designed to use the Heat Pump to heat the home until the outdoor temperature gets really cold. Once that happens, the Heat Pump will no longer effectively heat the home, and electric furnace will automatically kick in to heat the home. The electric furnace will continue to provide heat until the outdoor temperature climbs, causing the Heat Pump to once again provide heat. Running the electric furnace is often called emergency or auxiliary heat, not because there is a real emergency but because it is just not as efficient to run as the heat pump.

Often times we find that homeowners have manually switched their furnaces at the thermostat to emergency heat, meaning only the electric furnace will be used to heat the home, resulting in higher electric bills.  Sometimes this happens accidentally when adjusting the thermostat and homeowners are unaware until the electric bill comes in the mail.  If in doubt, we are happy to come by and check out the system. Educating homeowners, providing energy saving tips and advice, and making sure they are warm and cozy on these chilly Indiana days is what we do best.

Read what Mary in Anderson,Indiana had to say about Josh on a recent visit:

“I just wanted to let you know that Josh was on right on time and very courteous and knowledgeable. He is an asset to your organization and I appreciated his putting in a new filter and replacing a part, and his explanation about it, to keep things working well. This has not been the kind of winter where a furnace failure would be good! Thank you!!”

If you feel like your heating system is not running as efficiently as it should, give Action Air a call today at 317-451-4371.