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Home Maintenance Checklist for August

Young smiling plumber fixing a sink in the kitchen.It’s hard to believe we’re in the final stretch of the summer season. As a homeowner, chances are you’re thinking about all those things that need to be done around the house before cold weather sets in.

We’re here to make it easy for you. As we continue to share our home maintenance checklist each month, take a look at our rundown for August:

Clean your coils. Those condenser coils on the back or underneath your refrigerator regularly collect all kinds of dust and debris. Use your vacuum attachment (the narrow nozzle) to give them a good cleaning.

Check your faucets. Take notice of any faucet leaks, and replace washers as needed. Arrange for any repairs or replacements if necessary.

Check under the hood. One of the most neglected parts of your kitchen is probably the range hood. Clean all areas of your hood (underneath is the most challenging), and remove, clean or replace range hood filters as needed.

Fix “water hammers.” Water hammer noises are those loud bangs you sometimes hear coming from your water pipes. You can fix them by draining the plumbing system. Start by opening the uppermost faucet (the one furthest from the water meter). Open up the lowest faucet too (the one closes to the meter), and then allow the water to flow to a lower-level sink or floor drain. This serves to “drain the system,” and restores air to proper chambers. Next, close the lowest faucet and refill the system.

Plan interior home improvement projects. Start making plans for that room remodel or interior paint job you’ve been wanting. Get estimates now for any work that can be done during early to late fall, and schedule with your preferred provider.

Schedule service calls. Is your air conditioning and heating system in need of regular service? Does your chimney need to be cleaned? Schedule all your maintenance calls now in order to be ready for the colder temperatures of fall.

And as always, we are here to help you with any of your furnace and air conditioning needs. Give us a call if you have any questions at (317) 585-8981.