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Home Maintenance Checklist for May

Cleaning pool in SpringIf April showers bring May flowers, we’re due for some beautiful sights. Homeowners everywhere are finally emerging from within to mow lawns, catch up with neighbors, and breathe in some of that nice spring air filled with blooms and possibilities. It’s also the perfect time to check off some of those items on that home maintenance list. Here are our top picks:

Clean gutters. Use a garden hose to flush out all that winter debris from downspouts (which should all be at least three feet away from the foundation). Make sure gutter clips, spikes and straps are tightly fastened.

Wash windows. Try using a solution made from three tablespoons of non-sudsy ammonia to one gallon of water. Tip: the solution will dry too fast and streak in direct hot sun, so choose cleaning times wisely.

Check your air-conditioner. Schedule a regular service visit to have your air-conditioning system checked (according to the recommendations of the unit’s manufacturer). Replace filters when needed, and clean debris from your condenser or heat pump located outside.

Clean faucets. Remove mineral deposits from faucet aerators and shower heads by soaking parts in white vinegar and scrubbing with an old toothbrush.

Prep swimming pools. If you have a swimming pool, clean well and inspect pool liners and filters. Schedule a maintenance call to ensure your system is functioning properly, and all fencing or safety gates are in good condition.

Think cool. As you prepare for warmer temperatures, dust ceiling fan blades and check to make sure they are operational. Shop for seasonal sales on air-conditioning units and window fans.

Adjust thermostats. Remember to reprogram or set thermostats and automatic sprinkler systems to adjust for weather changes.

Prepare outdoor furniture. Inspect your outdoor furniture, and make repairs accordingly. Before placing metal patio furniture outdoors, paint if necessary, and coat with auto polish.

What else? While these items are on the top of our home maintenance checklist, we know there are more. What do you do to get your home ready for the season? Do you have any really cool tips or tricks for homeowners during this time of year? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Please leave your comments below.