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Home Maintenance Checklist for the New Year

Home maintenance checklistBring in the New Year with this ultimate homeowner’s checklist for the month of January.

As you look forward to bringing in 2015, you’re probably thinking about your own personal or career goals. Maybe you’re dusting off the old resume … along with that neglected treadmill in the basement. You might even find yourself rushing off to the gym in hopes of getting in shape before bathing suit season.

The month of January is also the perfect time to give your home some attention too, and check off some basic maintenance items. But where to begin? We’ve got your back, in the form of a home maintenance checklist that will have you feeling motivated and organized in no time.

January Home Maintenance Checklist

Create and organize files. Gather up your home improvement files and throw out all those old manuals that you no longer need. Review current product manuals and warranties, and mark your calendar now with recommended maintenance dates for appliances, tools, equipment and furnaces.

Conduct your own inspection. January is the perfect time to give your home a good indoor inspection. Look for loose knobs, pulls or hinges on cabinets and doors. Lubricate those squeaky door hinges, and take note of any furniture that needs repaired. Tackle any repairs that you can do yourself, and make arrangements for any outside help where you need it.

Bargain shop. If you are in need of new appliances or tools, now is a great time to look for bargains from end-of-year sales or discontinued models. But word of warning: make sure before you purchase discounted items that warranties will still apply

Take inventory. This is something we all know we should do, but rarely follow through with. Go from room-to-room and create a comprehensive inventory of all your electronics, furniture and other valuables. This is especially important after the holidays, when many of us purchase new televisions or other expensive electronic devices. This inventory will be crucial for insurance claims in the event of fire, flood or other disasters. Make a video of your possessions, and take pictures of items and serial numbers.

Schedule maintenance calls. If you haven’t had your heating system inspected by a professional, now’s the time to do it. Regular maintenance calls are crucial for the life of your system, and can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run.

Replace filters. Make sure your heating system filters are clean, and replace them if necessary. Add reminders in your calendar for filter replacement dates, according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check your vents. If you live in a region where pipes can freeze and the floor gets cold, make sure your vents to crawl spaces are open, as they help control condensation beneath the house.

Inspect exterior pipes. Take a look at the insulation covering your exterior pipes that are exposed to freezing weather. Make sure water isn’t able to seep in under the insulation, and replace or repair as needed.

What’s on your checklist?

We hope this list home maintenance checklist helps you start off the New Year in a productive and positive way. Are there other items that should be on this list? What do you do in January to take care of your home? We’d like to hear your ideas – just leave your comments below.