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How to Clean the Air in Your Home with UV Lights

How to Clean the Air in Your Home with UV Lights


There are plenty of ways to have a cleaner home. Keeping smooth surfaces dusted and scrubbed, keeping fabrics washed and vacuumed, maintaining pets and people and maintaining your air filters are a few. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cleaning products and tools that can help with all of these. Before we’d gotten around to inventing any of these cleaning products, there was one natural, very effective way to kill bacteria. Here we’ll talk about UV light, and it’s extremely effective ability to keep your home clean!


Artificial UV Light


Before you go building a glass house let’s clarify that we’ll be discussing UV bulbs and equipment. Any sunlight that reaches your home through windows, doors, and skylights is a bonus.


UV Vacuum


Most homes are going to have carpet somewhere, and carpets aren’t terribly easy to keep clean. Aside from busting out a steam cleaner every week, there isn’t a whole lot that can be accomplished beyond grabbing any loose dust and debris on the fibers with a vacuum.


If you’ve got pets, kids, allergies, or maybe you just want a cleaner home, you might consider trying a UV vacuum. These vacuums can kill any bacteria or dust mites that might have taken up residence in your carpeting.


UV Air Purifier


Alongside your standard physical filter that traps particulate as it passes through the filter, you could install a UV filter as well. Any germs or bacteria floating around in the air will pass through the purifier and enter a UV chamber where they’ll be destroyed and the air filtered back out.


This is useful for setting up in specific rooms that are known for being problematic like bathrooms or pet rooms, or can be placed in a bedroom so you can breathe easy while you sleep. You can take it a step further and install an HVAC system that does the same task for your entire house, but at a much different price tag.


UV Water Purifier


There isn’t much that is more important than having clean water. Just like air, you can set up physical filters to catch any matter or particulate, straining out certain chemicals or metals and debris. But having the mercury, chlorine, fluoride, minerals, or plastics screened out of your water doesn’t mean much if it makes you sick from bacteria anyway.


You can install a UV water filter into the plumbing with some handiwork or hire an expert, or you can buy a system equivalent to a water pitcher filter that does the job.


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If you decide that any of these methods might be right for you after some research, or if you have some additional questions, then give Action Air a call today! Action Air has the experts and training needed to provide the best product to fit your unique needs, and can set up any appointments for any complicated installations that may need more than just a little elbow grease and some tools.