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How to Troubleshoot & Repair an Air Conditioner

How to Troubleshoot & Repair an Air Conditioner


It can be problematic, to say the least, to have an air conditioner stop working. A sweltering summer heat creeping into your home isn’t exactly the best time to be learning how to repair an air conditioner. Beyond that, the potential expense and time cost of waiting on a technician might not be the most comfortable thing to handle, for you or your wallet. Beyond that it might be downright dangerous for some of us to be without our AC! So, let’s talk about a few simple tips to try and at least knockout the 101 of air conditioner problems.


Air Filter


If your AC can’t breathe, it won’t be able to work. Making sure the air filter is clean of debris and dirt is a good first option. These filters are typically easy to identify and access, and may require something simple like a screwdriver to obtain access. It might need to be cleaned or replaced, depending on the model, and that can be found by determining what model you have, if you’re not sure. Looking online is an excellent resource for obtaining new filters and researching model types.


Circuit Breaker


It could be that your air conditioner pulled a little too much power and tripped a breaker. If you’re unfamiliar with that distinct mechanical click, or simply too far away from the breaker box, you might not realize that the system simply isn’t receiving power. Checking the box to ensure that the breakers haven’t been tripped is a quick and easy first step in troubleshooting, and requires little to no knowledge of electrical systems (provided you know your left from your right). If all the systems in your house still have power and are facing one direction, and one breaker is facing the other way, it’s a pretty good indicator that it might be tripped. Side note, if it immediately snaps back again after you reset it, or if it continues happening, there may be serious issues going on with your electrical system that warrant a review!


Check the Vents


Much like your air conditioner can’t work if it can’t get air, you won’t receive that air from the AC if your vents aren’t in good condition. It may be that they get clogged with debris and dust, or it might even be that they’ve become damaged or are poorly insulated. While a lot of these issues can be spot checked there is a limiting factor of having the vents in your walls and ceiling that prevent a thorough investigation yourself.


Call Action Air


If you find yourself scratching your head at a mysterious AC problem despite some troubleshooting, you might give the experts at Action Air a call! They have the training and expertise to spot the usual suspects as well as diagnose more complicated issues that may exist within your system. Routine maintenance as well as repairs can be done quickly and effectively. If you have some questions or you’d like to set up an appointment, give them a call today!