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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall

September 23rd is the first day of fall—which means you only have a few weeks to get your HVAC system tuned up and ready for the new season! While we recommend having an HVAC technician come inspect your unit in preparation for fall, there are some other things that you can do as well to ensure the most valuable system in your home is functioning properly. To help you out, the team at Action Air has prepared a helpful list of HVAC maintenance tips for fall!

Change Your Air Filter

We know it’s annoying to have to do it, but it only takes a few minutes. Cleaning or replacing your air filter can extend the life of your HVAC unit. It can also improve its efficiency and airflow, and prevent the evaporator coil from freezing up. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty or clogged air filter can lower your energy consumption by up to 15 %. It’s best to change your filter every 1 to 3 months, depending on a few factors. How much you use your system, whether you have pets, and if your HVAC unit is subjected to dusty conditions should be taken into account.

Inspect Your Outdoor Condenser

While your AC provides cooling indoors, a lot of the work it does takes place outdoors in something called an outdoor condenser. Simply explained, your air conditioner absorbs heat from your home and the condenser dissipates the heat outside. It’s an important component and it must be kept in good condition.

Since the condenser is located outside, it is vulnerable to debris, dirt and even animals. Inspect your outdoor condenser and remove any dirt or debris lodged in it. There should be at least a 2 ft. clearance around your condenser, devoid of any excessively tall grass, leaves or debris.

For more thorough cleaning, turn the unit off then unscrew the top grille of the condenser. Carefully lift out the fan and set it aside. Remove any dust or debris lodged inside and wipe the interior with a damp cloth.

Check for Leaks

We know you’re looking forward to spending this fall cuddled up inside your home with your heater keeping you warm. However, you can’t do that if you have places where your indoor air leaks out. Air leaks can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and if the leaks are significant, they might put a strain on your HVAC unit because it will have to run longer. One of the ways you can check for leaks is by placing a damp hand on the edges of exterior doors, windows and air vents. If you feel a noticeable draft, you might have an air leak.

Air leaks usually occur because of deteriorating weather stripping around doors and windows. You can either replace the compromised weather-stripping or use caulking to fill in cracks around your door or window frame. Air can also leak out from other hard-to-notice places such as outlets and switch plates. To prevent this, install foam gaskets behind your outlet.

Clean Your Vents

Over the summer months, dust particles might have collected in your vents. To prepare for the fall months, it’s important to ensure that all your vents are kept clean and in good condition. Excess dust can lead to loss of efficiency.

Before you clean your vents, make sure there is no furniture blocking the return and supply vents and registers. Objects blocking your vents can lead to airflow issues. After you’re done clearing up your vents, remove their grilles and wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. Vacuum the interior of the vent to the best of your abilities.

Call Action Air for Fall HVAC Maintenance!

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