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If Only You Had a Crystal Ball

Furnace Service Truck In Indianapolis“Didn’t see that one coming.” Famous words said “after the fact,” and often with sarcasm. While we may say things like “If only I had a crystal ball,” the truth is, paying attention to patterns can give you a good sense of what’s ahead.

For example, as you get to know people, you can sort of predict how they’ll react to work stress, social situations or even their team losing a big game. You just know what to expect because you’ve seen their reactions before. Same goes for things in and around your home.

For example, let’s say you have a car that periodically breaks down at inopportune times. If you’re looking at driving it across the country – well, you can just expect that you’re going to have trouble along the way.

So what would you say about your heating system? What does the crystal ball – or, more appropriately, the patterns – tell you about when to plan for a breakdown? Not sure? Well, let me introduce you to Murphy’s Law of Heating Systems, which states:

“Your heating system will break down in the coldest, snowiest, most miserable weather, or at the most inconvenient time possible.”

Lets face the facts…Indiana weather can be very unpredictable and Indianapolis residents can have a record warm day, followed by inches of snow days later. Are you relying on a “clunker” of a heating system to keep your family warm on those snowy days?

What I mean is this. Last season, did you have so many heating equipment problems that the repairman started to feel like part of the family? Did you hear so many “strange noises” coming from the furnace that you thought it might die at any moment?

If this sounds all too familiar, you may want to consider replacing your furnace BEFORE our next wintery, snowy Indianapolis day. Otherwise, Murphy’s Law of Heating Systems could kick in!

Now is the best time to upgrade your furnace to a new high efficiency model … that will keep you reliably comfortable … for many years to come. So schedule your furnace checkup online, or give Action Air a call at 317-451-4371. We may discover your system just needs a simple tune-up to keep you warm and cozy this Winter.