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Action Air takes great care to make sure that our customers are happy with our services. In addition to scheduling repeat business with us, many of them take the time to write a quick review of the services that we performed. We wanted to highlight a few of the comments that we have received in the month of June.

Whenever possible, our techs will make air conditioner repair suggestions to potentially save a customer money on replacing their system. Josh H. made us proud by finding a replacement solution for one of our Indianapolis customer’s broken part.

“Josh completed my Air tune up and did a great job. The last time Josh was here he told me of a broken wire on the air cleaner and I needed a new cleaner because that could not be replaced. He did some checking and found they now make a replacement wire and I had him to put it on. Josh did a great job !”

Ritch A., June 12, 2013

Upon returning from a relaxing, Florida vacation, this customer was pleased to find that his air conditioner repair was quick and easy with Nick G.

“Nick was professional; sought out and found the problem; corrected same; and was on his way. We appreciated the timely manner in which this was handled in as much as we had just returned from a Florida trip. Thanks for the good work!!”

Allen L., June 14, 2013

The following customer was not only happy with the air conditioning repair service that was offered by Mark W, but they also commented on how Action Air’s price was better than the other heating and air conditioning companies in central Indiana.

“Mark W did a fine job of repairing our air conditioner. When he was finished, he asked if we had any questions and checked to be sure the system was working perfectly. Action Air’s price was much better than another heating and air conditioning company.”

Valerie C., June 17, 2013

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