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No one ever said it was glamorous being a Service Tech

HVAC Tech in IndianapolisSnowy Conditions like we had this morning make it tough on our service guys.  Navigating the city streets usually isn’t too bad, but trying to get through the neighborhoods that haven’t been plowed often makes it more difficult.

Once they navigate through the neighborhood, and finally arrive at the home, they must carefully maneuver up the slippery driveway and sidewalk, usually while carrying heavy parts or a toolbox.  When they enter the home they then have to make sure they are not tracking snow and ice on to the client’s floors before putting on their bright red shoe covers.  This process often must be repeated a few times if they need tools or parts that are back out in the truck.  If the client is having a problem with the operation of their Heat Pump system, the technician must venture around the outside of the home to check the unit, standing in the snow or even snow drifts while making his diagnosis and repair.

We are blessed to have such a dedicated staff. They never complain about any of this, and are always ready to do whatever they need to do to take care of our clients, and return heat to the home.