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One simple step may solve your no heat problem

Did you know that a vast number of service calls we run each year for furnaces not heating properly are related to something as simple as the filter? A plugged filter can wreak havoc on your furnace, choking it out and causing it not to heat properly, or even not to heat at all. Your furnace is designed to breathe and to move air throughout your home. When the air supply is restricted, the furnace will shut off prematurely. Keeping your filters clean is the answer.
Another thing to keep in mind the the type of filter you use in the furnace. Many of the pleated or so called high efficiency filters that can be purchased at the local hardware stores may be too restrictive for your type of furnace. Using the proper filter, making sure it is the proper size, keeping it clean, and having regular maintenance done on your home heating system will help keep you and your family cozy all winter long.

In these chilly winter months, we get a lot of furnace troubleshooting calls such as, “Why is my furnace not working?” or “Why is my furnace not blowing hot air?” If you are having furnace problems, call Action Air today at 317-451-4371 today.