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Part of the problem is…

action-air-truckKeeping the right furnace parts in stock and supplied on the service truck is always a challenge. With 87 furnace brands being made by 17 different manufacturers the parts needed are staggering.

We supply each service truck with the most common parts that are known to fail, and we try to stock many universal parts in our warehouse as well. Some brands however have brand specific parts.  That’s where it can get tricky, and we rely heavily on our various distributors to keep these parts in stock. Also challenging is finding parts for older furnaces, as well as ones that are no longer manufactured.  After time, available parts for these older models become scarce.

We realize that not having the necessary part is frustrating for homeowners…it’s frustrating for us as well.  Keeping our clients warm and comfortable all winter long is always our top priority. Read what a client needing a part recently posted to our Facebook page…

Brenda Gilligan posted on Friday Jan 11, 2013: “What I love about these guys is they are responsive. They come out immediately and even if they have to come back with a part, they do it within the hour. Love them!”